Yellow Cardinal

The Yellow-cardinal (Gubernatrix cristata) is endemic to South America: its range is restricted to small portions of southern Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, where it inhabits open forests and scrublands.

Its colorful plumage and melodious song have historically made it a prey for illegal trade as a cage bird, generating strong pressure and a dramatic decline in its populations.

It is estimated that in Argentina there are only between 1000 and 2000 individuals of this species left. These worrying figures have led to the Yellow Cardinal being categorized as “endangered” (Resolution SAyDS 348/2010) at the national level.

In Entre Ríos the species was declared a Natural Monument in 2002, with Decree 4933/02 of the Directorate of Fisheries and Natural Resources.

Yellow Cardinal Alliance

Thanks to the presence of large areas of open woodlands and espinal forests, El Potrero Reserve has the privilege of being within the distribution area of this species. That is why some years ago we collaborated with different organizations and institutions in the conservation of the Yellow Cardinal, to protect the populations of Entre Rios, helping mainly in the rehabilitation of individuals kidnapped from illegal trafficking for their subsequent release.

The Yellow Cardinal Alliance Entre Ríos, of which we are an active part, works as a network to rescue, rehabilitate and strengthen the wild populations of this species. Formed by Fundación Temaikèn, Aves Argentinas, Dirección de Áreas Naturales de Entre Ríos, INTA Diamante and El Potrero Reserve, it works in a coordinated way in the province and together with its counterpart in the province of Buenos Aires to conserve this species.

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