Native Nursery

Regeneration requires having the capacity as a project to have a significant number of specimens of native species for planting. The variety of species according to the needs of the project is also fundamental.

There are ecosystems, such as the native forests of Entre Ríos, that show a great capacity for natural regeneration just by avoiding the intervention of human activities, but they never tend to return to their primary structure: some easily propagated species gain ground over others in the absence of competition, losing much of their complexity and biodiversity.

Our NATIVE NURSERY is a space designed to reproduce specimens of native species with seeds collected in the Reserve itself, for subsequent planting in the areas to be recovered.

In 2020 a first expansion of the Nursery was carried out with a semi-controlled type structure of 180 m2, which allowed the production of about 1000 specimens.

A new regeneration project with One Tree Planted led to the construction of a new structure in 2022 to improve and expand the production capacity of the nursery and to meet the new objectives set for 2023 – 2024 to produce and plant about 20,000 new native tree specimens.

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