15 years working on the conservation of natural environments and their biodiversity

The Reserve Project

El Potrero Reserve was created in 2008 as a Private Natural Reserve, with the general objective of contributing to the conservation of representative samples of each of the natural environments present in this area.

Since 2017 it has been declared a “Natural Protected Area – Multiple Use Reserve” by the Legislature of the province of Entre Ríos (Ley 10.519), with a total area of 18,112 hectares of reserves, representing 68% of the total area of the property.

Because of its biological values and the singularities of the territory, a huge mosaic of different ecoregions (espinales, barranco forests, gallery forests, wetlands, estuaries, grasslands, sandlands, blanqueales) with areas of valuable xerophytic forests of ancient trees such as algarrobo, ñandubay, espinillo, quebracho blanco, tala, etc., the place promised to be a small treasure to create a conservation space that would offer possibilities for research, monitoring and environmental education, and contribute to the welfare of surrounding communities.

It is this diversity of environments that generates a great opportunity for habitat for different species of flora and fauna native to the area, so working towards the restoration and conservation of these valuable ecosystems also means protecting their enormous biodiversity.

Conservation & Production

We are convinced that it is possible to integrate productive activities and conservation, opting for models of positive impact that promote the protection of biodiversity, the regeneration of environments and the care of resources, in a commitment to produce in biodiversity.

We are a project in which production and conservation coexist. The implementation of productive practices under criteria of sustainability and impact mitigation provides economic resources for the reserve area, and the reserve returns them with environmental services that provide sustainability over time.

There is no better future if we are not able to understand that by protecting natural environments and all forms of life, we are protecting ourselves.

We are what we are taught

The creation of El Potrero Reserve is more deeply understood through the intangible heritage that Nicolás García Uriburu left to his daughter Azul. A deep and close look at nature and our role in the world.

Ideas and values expressed in brushstrokes, but also with actions and a tireless commitment to caring for the planet.
Dreams of a visionary that turned on a light capable of creating a project to grow and transcend that legacy.

El Potrero is the result of that inheritance. From the loving approach to nature that Nicolás gave Azul, and from the commitment to continue that task.

Because it is in continuity and transcendence that we will achieve the changes that the Earth demands of us.


Our project,
our identity...

A project with an environmental social impact that aims to be a model to be replicated.

To promote bonds of love and respect for nature and wildlife.

Knowledge helps us to generate strategies and plan actions.

The commitment to protect our natural environments for the future.

We produce our own food in harmony with the land.

To restore environments is to protect natural resources and biodiversity.


hectares of protected
natural environments


animals rehabilitated and released in the Reserve


people visited the Reserve until December 2023


native trees will be planted during 2024

It's not just where we work, but who we work with.

El Potrero is also its people: those who work every day with conviction, commitment and love for nature.

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