We are the largest protected area in Entre Ríos.

With a surface area of 32,000 ha, our project devotes 68% of its total area to the conservation of incredibly rich and important natural environments, with a high biological diversity of species.

At El Potrero we work every day to promote the coexistence between production and conservation, with a sustainable development model that protects our natural environments and their biodiversity. Our productive activities do not have to be in conflict with the planet. And it is our duty to find the way to return to living in communion with the earth.

We know that there is still much to be done, but we are on the way to making this place in Entre Ríos an example and a model that can be replicated in all areas of our province.

Projects that inspire us


hectares of protected natural environments


animals rehabilitated and released in the Reserve


people visited the Reserve until December 2023


native trees to be planted during 2024

Know to Value

Empathetic people, who love and respect wildlife, who understand that the decisions and actions of each of us matter, and that if we add them up, they can change the world.

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