The Agricultural Area of El Potrero has an area of 4,332 hectares which, through its technical team, focuses on the production of cereals and oilseeds under sustainable production premises through crop rotation and conservationist practices with emphasis on soil care.

When we talk about crop rotation, we refer to the planting of different crop species over the years. And in terms of conservation practices, for example, not removing the soil by tillage and planting cover crops. The objectives are, among others, to protect the soil from erosion, control competition with other species and reduce the use of agrochemicals, thus mitigating their use and environmental impact.

At the same time, the field has a systematization plan, through which, with the construction of terraces and water collection channels, the erosive effect of the water is reduced, thus protecting the soil.

agricultura el potrero

CRS International Certification

The farm has the international certification: “Certification of Responsible Soy” (CRS), through which, by means of different evaluation points, such as good agricultural practices, waste treatment, phytosanitary container treatments, hygiene and occupational safety standards, a more responsible production is monitored and promoted.

On the other hand, it also has an agroecological production module, in which we focus on the non-use of agrochemicals and mineral fertilizers. There, we explore with conventional crops such as soybean, wheat, etc. On the side, tests are carried out with special crops (carinata, camelina) that are not sown in large areas.

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