El Potrero is part of the beekeeping producers that exist in Argentina. An activity that we carry out carefully, not only to produce a high quality food but also to strengthen the natural processes that benefit the conservation of our environments.

Our apiculture production is developed in areas surrounding the Reserve area, strengthening and benefiting the pollination of native flora species, since it ensures that bees also use some areas of native forests and woodlands, favoring their regeneration. Our honey is the result of low-impact production practices, as part of our commitment to produce in biodiversity.

Based on eucalyptus plantations, pastures and native forests, we maintain 4000 of our own beehives in El Potrero, which produce quality multi-flower honey all year round.

El Potrero Reserve Honey

At El Potrero we also offer the possibility of buying our honey in fractioned form, in different sizes of jars.

So you can taste it at home, offer it in your local commerce or generate gastronomic proposals in your business based on this quality natural food.

100% of the proceeds from the sale are destined to the conservation, rehabilitation and reintroduction of the Reserve’s native fauna, as well as to the environmental education projects we are involved in.

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