Environment Regeneration

At El Potrero Reserve we work on the restoration of our natural environments, in areas that have been degraded mainly by old agricultural and forestry practices, or by the introduction of invasive exotic species that compete with native species, impoverishing the soils, contributing to the loss of their biodiversity and deteriorating their ecosystem services.

This work is supported by 3 actions:

control de exoticas

Control of Exotics

vivero de nativas

Production of Natives Trees



Regeneration: Project 2024 One Tree Planted

During 2022, we signed a working agreement with One Tree Planted to generate a large-scale joint action for reforestation and enhancement of some 40 hectares of degraded areas of natural environments in the Reserve.

The project includes not only the planting of native species, but also the production of the specimens to be planted in the company’s own nursery and the involvement of community members through volunteering and environmental education. It is also an opportunity to work on the dissemination of the importance of native species and their role in the balance of ecosystems, the positive impact of environmental regeneration for society and concrete knowledge about the planting, care and use of native trees.

In the spring of 2024, 20,000 NATIVE TREE PLANTINGS produced at the El Potrero Reserve Nursery WILL BE PLANTED TO REGENERATE DEGRADED AREAS.

Control of Exotics

Controlling the growth and spread of invasive exotic species is fundamental for the protection of our natural environments and to allow the success of reforestation tasks with new native trees in degraded areas.

Areas with a high presence of exotic species are identified and the outbreaks are controlled in different ways: the specimens are turned over or banded to help them dry out over time and prevent them from continuing to seed and spread; and in areas where this process has already been carried out, work is done on the extraction of young trees to prevent the generation of a new infectious outbreak.

It is an enormous work and a lot of dedication so that the native forest can once again grow strong.

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